Giải bài tập SGK Tiếng Anh - Family and Friends Lớp 3

Starter: Hello!

Unit 1: This is your doll.

Unit 2: That is his ruler.

Unit 3: Let's find Mom!

Review 1

Unit 4: I like monkeys!

Fluency Time! 1

Unit 5: Do you like yogurt?

Unit 6: I have a new friend.

Fluency Time! 2

Review 2

Unit 7: I'm wearing a blue skirt.

Unit 8: I'm dancing with Dad.

Unit 9: He can run!

Fluency Time! 3

Review 3

Unit 10: May I take a photo?

Unit 11: There is a doll on the rug.

Unit 12: Those are our computers.

Fluency Time! 4

Review 4